How to purchase and download in our site?

■ If you don’t understand Chinese, just follow the steps to use our site.


■ Our site only accepts RMB purchase. If you don’t have RMB, please use PayPal to recharge first.


■ Login into your account ceneter, then use “PayPal Recharge” menu to complete.


■ 1)$ 100 USD = ¥540 RMB ; 2)$ 200 USD = ¥1200 RMB ; 3)$ 500 USD = ¥3100 RMB ; 4)$ 1000 USD = ¥6500 RMB


Step-1, Register your account first.


Step-2, Registration page.


Step-3, Login to your account.


Step-4, After you login, click the buttom then go to you account profile.


Step-5, Account information center


Step-6, Click the buy button with RMB, ensure your account has sufficient balance.


Step-7, Use RMB settlement, If insufficient, please contact us recharge.


Step-8, Click the download button to start downloading.